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Philosophy Antiques epitomizes the highest standards for integrity to both our customers and the treasures of which we are passionate, caring custodians as they pass through our hands to yours, from one generation to the next. Just as we qualify the treasures that come to us, we qualify the homes to which they are transitioning!

Our pieces are carefully selected for not only their quality but also their uniqueness, value, character and charm. Yes they truly speak to us. We source them not only from local sources but also from Castles, manors and estates in Europe.

Our entire staff lives and breathes antiques and the history they carry with them. Over our careers we have survived many downturns in the economy with the last one being the worst however our passion has never wavered. Those that previously invested in antiques realized, even in hard times, these investment pieces had real value which came in handy during the financially tough period. This is one thing you certainly can’t say about new furniture which drops precariously to garage sale prices the minute it arrives at your home. As far as the latest style, the simplistic, modern movement, we find it to be a trend, which will come and go within a decade unlike our treasures which have lasted centuries and will continue to be in homes and museums around the world for centuries to come. For those that want to be trendy, the best thing to do is accent your rooms with timeless pieces that will last as the trends change. This will bring you rooms to life not only with a conversation piece but with soul all will feel as they enter. It truly boils down to modern furniture simply has no soul; it can be created by anyone with shiny metal or plastic and straight lines. There is no artistic skill or lasting architectural value to these pieces as you see in truly antique pieces. Ask yourself if you truly believe these  modern pieces will be in museums centuries form now to be admired by future generations or will they be  snickered  at as our future heirs chuckle at how naïve we were to consider such pieces worthy of art?

We offer complete design services which include not only assisting with the selection of the antiques but also all of the other essential elements to complete your home’s transition to not only a personal “Hermitage” but also a showpiece. We are experts at Persian rugs and make custom drapery and bedding from exquisite fabrics at prices so competitive it will surprise you.

Philosophy Antiques also differentiates ourselves by our ability to modify antiques from the 19th century into pieces that meet the modern needs of our lives today.( for more about this process click here maybe have a link here to our refurbishing page).  Whether it is a commercial office or restaurant lobby, a residential kitchen, a library or a law office or something simpler as a vanity in a bathroom, our onsite   , craftsmen are capable of replicating, restoring or repurposing pieces to meet your needs. Often one hears you should never modify or refinish an antique and this is true of virtually all period pieces but in the late 19th century there was a Renaissance period where the fad was to copy the style and even replicate pieces from centuries earlier. These beautiful hand carved, old growth forest pieces are available at comparably reasonable prices (often less expensive than new) and our master craftsmen can transform these pieces using the hand carvings and old growth components into virtually anything you (or we) can dream. Not only is this process acceptable but also considered “green” compared to purchasing new furniture  has been investigated in this article. http://www.antiquestradegazette.com/pdf/ATG-Product-Footprint-Analysis-Final-1Sept-2010.pdf.

 Nina Naderchi and her team not only work locally but  they have projects as far reaching as  a castle in Lake Tahoe for a repeat client, a Manhattan Penthouse and Formula 1 driver, Marco Greco’s  home in Brazil. Many celebrities along with those that shun the spotlight have pieces from us that adorn their homes. Our pieces can also be seen in museums and in TV shows and movies sets as we cater to that industry as well.

We welcome your visit, please come soon,

The Team at Philosophy antiques,

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