18th Century, Large, Hand-Carved Gesso and Gilt Santo


This large Santo is a Spanish Colonial piece from the 18th century in the early Americas. This Saint statue comes from a Spanish church somewhere in the colonial Americas, possibly Brazil. The quality of workmanship, the size of the piece and the preservation of this centuries old piece make it a truly rare and unusual find/ The hand-carved wood and gesso combine to create a lifelike figure with flowing robes, hands and arms captured in an animated gesture and a face emitting emotion. The head is topped with a magnificent crown.

Although this Santo appears to have been hung on a wall, likely in a nave, it does not have a cutout in the back similar to some. However the finishes do no continue to the rear side where they would not have been seen. This is truly a magnificent Santo.

40″ H x 15″ W x 10″ D

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