Magnificent, Antique, Large, Gilt Bronze Buddha with Halo


This is just a spectacular, large gilt bronze Buddha with a headdress or halo that contains an incredible amount of detail. Buddha is standing on a lotus flower that rests on a stand with legs raising the piece above the ground.

On the chest of Buddha is the WAN symbol. In Buddhism, a Swastika represents resignation. It is usually found in the images of Buddha on his chest, palms, soles of feet. It is called the WAN symbol in Chinese and MAN in Japanese. The word Swastika is derived from the Sanskrit and means, "conducive to well- being". S-vasti in Sanskrit is translated as, "It is well".

The right hand (clockwise) Swastika is used by these religions which practice ahimsa (non-violence) since ancient times. It should never be confused with the left-hand (counter clockwise) Swastika adopted by Adolf Hitler for his Nazi movement.

This is one of the finest bronze Buddha’s we have seen in some time.

49″ H x 15″ W x 15″ D

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